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Alan Orloff

Alan Orloff
NYSSMA Government Relations
Committee Chair

Announcing the 50th Annual Joseph R. Sugar NYSSMA Day in Albany!

 Due to scheduling, facility, and other conflicts, the decision has been made to make the Joseph R. Sugar Day in Albany a Virtual / Local Event.

 March 6, 2023


This year’s 50th Anniversary Joseph R. Sugar NYSSMA Day in Albany will take place on Monday, March 6, 2023.  Unfortunately, the Legislature is not in session on March 6th and 7th and we will NOT be meeting in Albany.  Please work with your Zone or County teams to make appointments for online or local office visits.   We hope your legislative visitation appointments have been made for March 6th. That is our preferred date.  If your legislators are not available on March 6th, this year we can schedule for other days in March.

Below please find links to this year’s primary NYSSMA Asks. Each link contains all the background material you need so you can be informed about the Ask. 

Please Note. Last May 2022 New York State went through a difficult and complete reorganization of all its legislative districts  Many will be surprised to find out that their district numbers are different and their legislators are not who they think they are.  You can check  your and your school district’s Senate and Assembly information using these links:



Joseph R Sugar Day Information

Here are the 3 Primary Asks with backup information for our 2023 Legislative visits:

1.Equitable Arts Ed Bills 2023 (1)

2. Arts Curriculum Associates 2023(2)

3.  NYS Summer School of the Arts 2023 (3)

Helpful Hints Links


10 Tips for Legislative Visits

Everything ESSA link

The following “Swiss Cheese’ letter formats are for you to send as a private citizen, not on behalf of NYSSMA

S285 – A1502 Swiss Cheese Instructions and Letter

SED Music Associate Swiss Cheese Letter




The future of music education in the state of New York is dependent on the support of educators, parents, students, communities, legislators, and support groups. This new area on the NYSSMA Web Site features important advocacy information to aid in supporting music education at the local level. The NYSSMA Government Relations Committee presents the information on this website to assist music educators and parents in supporting the right of every student to receive a well-rounded education that includes a comprehensive, sequential, high-quality program of music taught by a qualified music teacher.  Please credit the source when using this information in your advocacy efforts.

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