Collegiate Updates

June 2021

Hoping your summer break is going well so far. Here are a few updates from this month’s meeting:

  • The new e-board held their monthly meeting to discuss upcoming events such as the Collegiate Advocacy Summit, which happens June 24-25, 2021. If you’re interested in attending this virtual event, here is the link to the NAfME website:
  • Stay tuned for more updates!


May 2021

Happy summer break! There aren’t too many new updates this month, but here are a few things that have happened:

  • The new collegiate NYSSMA e-board assumed all new positions this month and held their first meeting. 
  • Stay tuned for more!


April 2021

Happy spring! As the semester comes to a close, the collegiate e-board has been busy in their last month together. Here are a few updates to be aware of:

  • The collegiate e-board presented two sessions at the NAfME Eastern Division Conference. The first session, “Passing The Torch: Fostering The Next Generation of Music Educators”, was about how chapters can work with other chapters, community members, educators in the area, etc. The second session , ” Collegiate Chapter Engagement and Best Practices: Here’s How”, was about engaging with members in your NAfME chapter, as well as ways to get members actively involved and having fun!
  • The elections for new officers has closed, and the new collegiate NYSSMA e-board has been selected for the 2021-2022 school year. 
  • Stay tuned for more updates, and have a safe and healthy rest of your semester. 


March 2021

Happy Music in Our Schools Month! There are many exciting updates and projects underway for the E-Board. Here are just a few of them:

  • The Collegiate President now has their own email from NYSSMA. You can reach them at with any questions.
  • The E-Board will be presenting 2 sessions at the NAfME Eastern Division Conference. They are currently planning and refining the sessions. Stay tuned for more information on when and how to view these session!
  • Calling all collegiate members! We need more applause videos for the virtual NYSSMA All-State Ensembles. They are hoping to fill the auditorium to commend these students for their hardwork and musicality. Here is the link to get involved. 
  • The Website has continuously been updated with information and links. Check out our new tabs!


February 2021

This month, the NAfME Eastern Division Conference Registration opened! Check our main page for the link to register and find out more information. Also, they began accepting applications for state officers for the year of 2021-2022. Those links are posted on the main page as well as the “Important Documents” tab. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.


January 2021

Happy New Year from the Collegiate Executive Board! We hope you have all had a safe and happy holiday season. Meanwhile, the E-Board has been working on several exciting projects for Collegiate-NYSSMA. They include:

  • Updating the Spring Newsletter to send out – All Officers
  • Submitting conference proposals for the NAfME Eastern Division Conference – Dr. Koster, Daria Barteldt, Chris McAfee, Morgan Beaton, Emma Clive
  • Converting the State Officer Position Application to a virtual format (see the “Collegiate-NYSSMA” main page and “Important Documents” to access the links and apply) – Dr. Koster and Emma Clive
  • Updating the Collegiate-NYSSMA Website with new features. We have added two tabs -“Collegiate Conference” and “FAQs” to our portion of the website. – Morgan Beaton

Applications for the Collegiate Executive Board are now virtual and accepting submissions. Visit our main page or the “Important Documents” tab for more information. Also, if your chapter would like to be featured on the Collegiate-NYSSMA social media, please reach out to Morgan Beaton by email ( Stay tuned for more updates!


December 2020

The 2020 NYSSMA Cyber Summit will run from December 3rd to December 5th virtually. Here are the pictures from the 2020 NYSSMA Cyber Summit!

Meet the Collegiate Executive Board session with NAfME President Mackie Spradley


Student Teaching Panel


November 2020

The State E-Board met in November to discuss and plan the collegiate sessions for the NYSSMA Cyber Winter Conference. There will be a Student Teaching Panel on Friday evening (Dec. 4th at 7:30PM) and a Meet the E-Board session on Saturday morning of the conference (Dec. 5th at 10:00AM). Be sure you have renewed your collegiate NYSSMA membership and have registered for the conference in order to attend!

October 2020

As the semester progresses, the State E-Board has continued to reach out to chapters across the state. Although they did not meet in October, they are getting ready to meet in November to discuss and organize collegiate conference sessions at the 2020 NYSSMA Cyber Summit. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Koster or any of the officers!


September 2020

This month, our collegiate members are returning to school amidst a lot of uncertainty. Despite this C-NYSSMA/C-NAfME chapters across the state are continuing to provide events virtually and in person. The Collegiate State E-Board is continuing to work by compiling COVID resources for music teachers as well as updating our Fall Newsletter which is has been posted under the “Important Documents” tab!


August 2020

As summer winds down, the Collegiate State E-Board has continued to reach out to chapters and work on useful documents/resources for collegiate members. Here are some updates as to what has been accomplished:

  • A newly revised NAfME-Collegiate/Collegiate-NYSSMA Constitution (found under “Important Documents”) – All Officers
  • A new handbook with information for planning and hosting the collegiate conference (found under “Important Document”) – Dr. Koster
  • A new handbook with information about starting a new chapter and maintaining an established chapter (still under revision) – Dr. Koster and Morgan Beaton
  • A meeting with chapter leadership (meeting minutes can be found under “Important Documents”) – All Officers
  • Continuing to edit the website, Facebook, and Instagram – Morgan Beaton
  • Continuing to email chapter advisors across the state – Julia Turner, Madison Yung, Halie Carden, Julia Stowell, Joseph Benedict, and Kieran DeMaria

Also, the Collegiate State E-Board wants to feature chapters on their social media! If your chapter is doing anything that you wish to share, please email or message Morgan Beaton at


July 2020

This month, the Collegiate State E-Board is continuing to reach out to chapters. The Province Representatives are working hard to compile chapter information and have also developed goals/platforms for their term. Here are some of their statements:

  • Julia Turner (Province 1): “This year I would really like to get Province One more involved with the rest of the state while also making connections between schools in Western New York. I would like to gain insight and ideas from other collegiate chapters across the state and offer them to my province and home chapter at Fredonia so we can continue to improve as educators!”
  • Madi Yung (Province 2): “One of my goals is to have more communication between the four schools in province two. My hope is to have a province two get together once a year so we can meet students in other chapters and get to know one another as well as exchange ideas for fundraisers, events, etc. Another goal of mine is to encourage a larger collegiate presence at the Winter NYSSMA Conference.”
  • Julia Stowell (Province 4/5): “This year, I plan to improve communication between chapters, and encourage events at the state and local levels. We are the future of music education!”
  • Joseph Benedict (Province 6): “This year I hope to build stronger connections between colleges. Building these connections can help us to find new, creative ways to engage with music or help foster our own passions for music. “
  • Kieran DeMaria (Province 7): “I hope that now more than ever we are able to come together as Collegiate NYSSMA members not only to support each other, but to support our schools, our communities, and most importantly our students to the best of our abilities.”

Additionally, there is a new FB group called “Collegiate-NYSSMA Leadership” intended for the presidents of chapters to convene and discuss chapter practices. If you are involved with chapter leadership and have not joined the group, feel free to check it out and join!


Collegiate Advocacy Summit (2020)

On June 23rd and 24th, over 110 collegiate members from across the country virtually attended the Collegiate Advocacy Summit. At this conference, we learned important leadership skills, and how to advocate at the local, state, and national level. On behalf of the NY collegiates, thank you to those who organized this conference. It was a wonderful professional development opportunity!

If you were unable to attend the conference, the Collegiate State E-Board compiled notes and resources for you! Visit the “Important Documents” tab to access these notes and handouts.


June 2020

This month the Collegiate State E-Board continues to work on projects for the upcoming year. To view the full minutes from the officer meetings, visit the “Important Documents” tab. Here are some of the projects that are underway:

  • Finding digital music education resources for collegiate – Daria Barteldt and Chris McAfee
  • Creating digital forms for documents that were previously distributed as hard copies (Travel Reimbursement, State Officer Applications, etc.) – Emma Clive and Dr. Koster
  • Editing the website, Facebook, and Instagram – Morgan Beaton
  • Emailing chapter advisors across the state – Julia Turner, Madison Yung, Halie Carden, Julia Stowell, Joseph Benedict, and Kieran DeMaria
  • Continuing to edit the State Constitution  – All Officers

Also, it has been announced that the Collegiate Advocacy Summit will be a virtual event this year. It will occur June 23rd – 25th. For more information, visit NAfME.


May 2020

The month of May is quite busy for the Collegiate State E-Board. On May 1st, the 2020-2021 officers officially assumed their positions. They are grateful for all of the hard work the previous officers put in and hope to continue their momentum into this next year.

Since assuming their positions, the State Board has had a series of small informal meetings to discuss their platforms and goals for the coming year. Here is a quick look at what has been discussed so far:

  • Daria Barteldt (President): “My goal for this upcoming year is to continue opening the communication between chapters and provinces throughout the state. Also, I would like to discover and provide virtual and technological resources to prepare collegiate members for the professional field.”
  • Chris McAfee (President-Elect): “With a strengthening of collaboration throughout the state, we can share valuable ideas and work together in developing ourselves as future music educators and as active members of NYSSMA. It is my goal to see our state collegiate chapter run with the same or greater value of opportunity as the in-service organization.”
  • Emma Clive (Secretary-Treasurer): “This year I hope to encourage more collegiate involvement on the local, state and national levels because we are the future of the music education field! Along with this, I believe that communication and working together will strengthen Collegiate-NYSSMA as a whole while bringing chapters and provinces together.”
  • Morgan Beaton (Web Editor): “My goal for this year is to continue improving communication between collegiate chapters. It is important that we create a collegiate NYSSMA community as it will allow for further networking and professional development.”

In other news, members of the E-Board have revised the Collegiate-NYSSMA Constitution which will be posted in the “Important Documents” tab of this website once finalized. Also in that tab, Dr. Koster has written and provided a helpful handbook for hosting a state collegiate conference. 

Finally, the Collegiate-NYSSMA website has been re-organized. There are new tabs, more PDF’s, updated chapter information with hyperlinks, and new headshots and bios from the officers. Feel free to check it out!