The NYSSMA® Winter has been held in Rochester, NY for the past 20 years and utilizes the Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center and four adjoining hotels – Hyatt, Rochester Riverside, Holiday Inn Downtown and the Hilton Garden. Our All-State concert is held at the Eastman Theatre. We typically have up to 160 booths in the convention center representing all phases of music education as well as many colleges from all over the country, including Canada. The conference draws up to 2000 music educators (in-service, retired and collegiate), 890 All-State high school students (juniors and seniors), 2000+ music parents and several hundred members of groups performing at the conference. The conference always begins on the Thursday following Thanksgiving (e.g. one week later). Exhibits are open all day Friday and until 3:30PM on Saturday.



RESERVE A BOOTH– If you wish to reserve a booth, please complete the Booth Contract pdf located at the bottom of this page. Please download and complete the form electronically. Handwritten forms are often difficult to read and misinterpreted information will be published with errors.

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBER– If you wish to become a NYSSMA® Institutional Member, please complete the Institutional Member form located below. Please download the pdf and complete electronically.

SHOWCASE– If you wish to submit a request for a Showcase you must have a booth and an Institutional Membership (the number of showcases you are entitled to is based on the number of booths you have and the level of Institutional Membership you have taken – See Institutional Membership form for clarification). As last year, please submit your showcase request using the “Submittable” app which will process your request in real time. (Please remember to complete your booth contract and Institutional Membership prior to submitting your request). Next sentence change the deadline date to Friday, April 17, 2020.

What is the difference between a conference SESSION and a conference SHOWCASE?

A conference SESSION is sponsored by a NYSSMA® committee and must be totally non-commercial. Conference session applications are put online by January and due in March for the following winter conference. Sessions are selected in May.

A conference SHOWCASE is sponsored by an Institutional Member of NYSSMA® that is also an exhibitor at the winter conference. A showcase may (but is not required to) feature a particular product, music from one publisher, one composer, etc. An institutional member may sponsor from 1 to 3 showcases, depending on the level of membership held (e.g. Associate, Sponsor, and Patron). Showcase applications are mailed and put online at www.nyssma.org in February and are due at the end of March.

Conference SESSIONS and SHOWCASES are scheduled in the same areas and are allotted the same length of time. They generally look about the same to conference participants. The only real difference is the sponsorship and the commercial/non-commercial nature of the presentation. All sessions are listed in the conference program and the conference APP. All SESSIONS and SHOWCASES must feature appropriate material for the NYSSMA® winter conference.

For further information, contact the NYSSMA® office at 516.997.7200.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS– The link to make your hotel reservations is at the bottom of this page. Although reservations must be made using the web site should you need help with your hotel reservations you may contact DePrez Travel, Monday – Friday, 8:00AM to 5:30PM EST. They can be reach toll-free at 1-877-478-2111 or by fax at 1-585-442-8934.

ADVERTISING – Advertising is available in both the Winter Conference and Summer Conference programs. There many advertising options and should you wish to take advantage, please complete the insertion order below. 

The decorator pack for exhibitors will be available in early November and will be published here as soon as it is released.

Our summer conference is currently held in at the Hilton Albany hotel downtown in Albany, NY in mid-August. It is co-sponsored by the New York Chapters of the ACDA, ASTA, NYSBDA, NYSCAME and well as NYSSMA. The conference is smaller and more low-key than our Winter Conference, generally drawing about 400 attendees. We have two sponsored NY-ACDA children’s honor choirs. Exhibits are tables, rather than booths we accommodate approximately 20-30 tables. Please check back in mid spring for particulars on the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact the NYSSMA office at 516-997-7200.

Online Showcase Submission Form via Submittable


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