Retired Persons

There are over 600 retired music teachers in New York State who continue to be members of NAfME/NYSSMA. The current music teachers and students of NYS benefit greatly from sharing of the vast experience and talents existing in the retired membership.

The vision is for these retired persons to form small zone based volunteer groups that would be available in various capacities to interested school districts, music teachers, students, and senior groups, and in this way give something back to the profession which they found so rewarding.

Our Volunteers contribute in many ways:

  • Being a mentor – one-on-one with an individual music teacher
  • Resource person – locating materials; sites; community resources
  • Advisor for standards based curriculum development
  • Help develop standards based teaching strategies
  • Help to generate a bank of assesment tools/materials; interpret data
  • E-mail mentoring
  • Assisting with technology – computers; video/audio taping; electronic instruments and labs
  • Volunteer music lessons for economically disadvantaged students
  • Volunteer music lessons or classes for senior citizens

You may contact Chairperson,

Charles Puricelli