Classroom Music

NYSSMA is now accepting proposals for Winter Conference 2024.  We invite Classroom Music educators to submit!

The goals of the CMC are:

  • to promote the importance and value of classroom music in music programs and schools of New York State
  • to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and the development of activities
  • to coordinate and support the efforts and activities of classroom music teachers and students
  • to improve the quality, scope and effectiveness of classroom music instruction.

The NYSSMA Classroom Music Committee continually seeks to develop ideas, programs, and activities which will help teachers of classroom music improve the quality, scope and effectiveness of their instruction. The committee continually promotes the importance and value of classroom music by encouraging and supporting educators to select materials and repertoire that provide the following for their students: a mirror of themselves and learning community, a window to see other perspectives and cultures, and a door to engage in experiences beyond their own classroom. The committee strives to provide membership with the tools and resources to evaluate current classroom music repertoire in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. (adopted as part of the NYSSMA BEDR position statement in March 2023)

We suggest the following resource “Songs With a Questionable Past” to help you evaluate your current classroom repertoire:


The CMC meets its goals through activities including…

Exemplary classroom music sessions for Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and High School music teachers at Winter Conference and Summer Conferences

Statewide series of Regional Workshops and other in-service opportunities for teachers on important classroom music topics;

Classroom Music PEAK Festivals and other opportunities for New York State students;

Collaborative work with the State Education Department on initiatives related to standards, assessment, and resources for classroom music instruction.

For further information and assistance, please contact the Chairperson, Kerry Mero, or a member of the Classroom Music Committee.

Classroom Music Committee

What Resources are Available from the CMC?


  • Assessment in Classroom Music
  • Classroom Music PEAK Festival Handbook
  • Conference Workshop Proposal Application Form
  • Consultant services- providing clinicians by area of expertise

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