Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I become a member of C-NYSSMA?

A: C-NYSSMA/NAfME Membership is purchased/renewed via the NAfME website, in the same tab/purchase order as a C-NAfME/NAfME membership purchase/renewal. This is an additional fee that is added to your total purchase of a NAfME membership on their website, which costs around $11 (double-check to make sure this amount is correct, that’s what was on my receipt lol). Check out our Fall or Spring Newsletter on the “Important Documents” page for step-by-step instructions.


Q: Why should I join the C-NYSSMA Executive Board?

A: As a member of the C-NYSSMA Executive Board, you’ll be able to communicate and interact with numerous other collegiate members from across the state, via online or in-person events, in which you will represent the pre-professional leaders of undergraduate and graduate music educators of New York. This is a wonderful opportunity to network, work on collaborative projects, and participate in professional development opportunities.


Q: What are the responsibilities of a Province Representative?

A: Province Representatives act as a student liaison between local C-NAfME/C-NYSSMA chapters and the state C-NYSSMA chapter. It is the responsibility of the Province Representative to encourage local C-NYSSMA chapters to interact with one another, with other provinces, and in local, state, or national events. They must also report the activities of their respective province at all Executive Board meetings. For more information about officer positions, check out our Constitution on the “Important Documents” page.


Q: Do province representatives have to go to school in the province they are representing? 

A: No. Although it is helpful to be from the province you are representing, it is not a requirement. For more information about being a Province Representative, check out our Constitution on the “Important Documents” page.