Press Releases – Templates (fill in blanks)

Instructions for using these templates:

  • Always check your district’s policy on press releases and their approval/distribution.
  • Always put ALL information in first Paragraph – who, what, where, when, why.
  • Always Double-Space.
  • Always use school letterhead for a release.
  • If possible, use yourself as the contact.
  • Change italicized information in parentheses.
  • Include the school district boilerplate (obtainable through your district’s public relations or business offices.)

These files are in MS Word format. Please contact Terry Nigrelli if you require a different file format.

UPDATED for 2022-2023:

Release – All County

Release – All Eastern

Release – All National

Release – All State

Release – Area All State

Release – Majors

Release – Marching Band

Release – MIOSM

Release – Solo Fest



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