Zone 12

Kevin Heathwood
Zone 12 Representative
Band Director at Townsend Harris High School
149-11 Melbourne Ave, Flushing, NY 11367

Contact info:
Cell: 631-805-6435

2024 NYSSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival Information







2024 NYSSMA Major Organization Festival Information


How to NYSSMA:

  1. Use this sample registration form (or you can make your own) and make it available for students interested in registering for NYSSMA.
    • This form should be made available in your main office for private music students and homeschooled students to come to the school and register.
    • NYSSMA does not allow private teachers or homeschooled students to apply on their own, they must apply through their local school. This is a service we MUST provide to our community.
  2. Students should submit the form along with payments directly to you (unless your school will cover the cost)
  3. Help students fill out the composition info, particularly the page in the NYSSMA Manual the piece is on
  4. Collect forms and deposit payments into school treasury
  5. Go to and either login or create an account
  6. Using the collected forms, register your students
  7. Once you enter in every student, go to “Billing” and print the invoice
  8. Bring invoice to purchasing secretary or school treasurer and have them cut ONE check from the school for the total amount shown on the invoice
  9. Mail the invoice and check to the festival chair (this info is provided on the invoice)
  10. In the weeks leading up to the festival you will get a schedule as well as the ability to print playing permits for every student
  11. Print and hand out the playing permits to your students the week leading up to the festival
  12. The day of NYSSMA students are to come to the festival site with their instrument, playing permit, and an ORIGINAL copy of the music. Two is preferred (one for judge one for student), but only 1 is required.

All State registrations must ALSO be submitted here.

NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Fees: 

Level 1-4 Solo and Ensemble $16
Level 1-4 Piano Solo $22
Level 5-6 Solo and Ensemble $24
Level 5-6 Piano Solo $30
All-State Solo $30 

Major Organization Fees:  

Level 1-3 $150.00 
Level 4 $180.00 
Level 5-6 $225.00  

Music Educator's Association of NYC

Music Educator’s Association of NYC

President: Gina Costanza

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