1.0 Secondary Choral Director and Music Teacher

Ithaca City Schools
Ithaca NY
$51,241-$73,141 (10-month full-time base)
Posted On:
September 13, 2023


Teach secondary choral music and music. Celebrate student identities through music and culture with an anti-racist, culturally responsive commitment. Support all students utilizing an inclusive, differentiated approach. Study and perform vocal and choral music including: folk,jazz,gospel,spirituals and pop within a social justice lens. Foster the joy, confidence and community that is cultivated within the school setting through group singing. Study healthy vocal techniques related to posture, breathing and tone production as well as basic musicianship skills including music reading, singing in harmony, understanding music terms and identifying music symbols. Work with department professional learning communities within the school and district to further district mission and goals. Proven commitment to being a reflective educator committed to antiracist, and culturally responsive, curriculum and pedagogy.


The Ithaca City School District is committed to eliminating race, class and disability as predictors
of academic performance, co-curricular participation and discipline. Qualified candidates will
demonstrate a basic awareness of these commitments and a strong willingness to support these efforts.
● All candidates must possess New York State Teacher Certification in K-12 Music or qualify to
obtain it by the first date of employment. This requires at least a Bachelor’s degree. Licensed teachers
from other states may qualify for reciprocity.
Desired Characteristics:
● An educational leader whose competency, energy, and commitment will help ensure that students
● Proven ability to interact effectively with students and their families who represent cultures that
are diverse in terms of race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other characteristics in order to build
an effective and collaborative school community;
● Ability to implement culturally responsive curriculum; create an inclusive classroom; and
differentiate instruction in order to engage the learning styles and needs of each student as an individual.

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