NYSSMA Sequential Guide for Music Instruction

The NYSSMA® Sequential Guide to Music Instruction is a tool intended to promote consistency in learning and instruction, through a standards/outcomes-based approach. Understanding that every district and school has unique characteristics in creating learning situations, this document provides concepts general enough to be included in any course of study, yet specific enough that music educators can plan and implement a comprehensive course of instruction.

The document identifies what students should know, understand, and be able to do in the music classroom. It is to be adapted by teacher and/or supervisor for each instructional setting, which may be impacted by factors, e.g.: frequency of meeting, length of class, ability of student, grade level, and resources (dedicated space, availability of instruments, audio, texts, sheet music, technology, etc.). Teachers are expected to make necessary accommodations for students with various learning needs and styles. Concepts listed identify the developmental level in which they should be introduced to students, throughout the path of a spiraling curriculum.  Levels are developmental in nature, rather than grade specific.

The Sequential Guide is designed to allow teachers the flexibility necessary to incorporate these concepts and experiences within any school culture.

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