NYSSMA COVID-19 Toolkit Advocacy

NYSSMA COVID-19 Toolkit Advocacy Page

The NYSSMA COVID-19 toolkit advocacy page has been designed for the membership to access relevant information as it relates to the current pandemic and the economic repercussions it may have on music program.  Please check back for updated information as guidance continues to develop.


NYSSMA Advocacy Committee

A NYSSMA advocacy committee has been formed to increase communication to local zones.  Each zone has been assigned an “advocate” that NYSSMA members may contact with questions regarding music program.


Zone Advocate    
Zone 1 Claudia Andres andresc1954@yahoo.com
Zone 2 Jeff Smith jsmith@cccsd.org
Zone 3 Jen Rafferty music@jenrafferty.com
Zone 3 Jacquelin Kovacs jkovacs@me.stier.org
Zone 4 Mark Bunce mbunce@cvalleycsd.org
Zone 5 Marvin Zehr marzedos@yahoo.com
Zone 6 Jennifer Moore jmoore@willsborocsd.org
Zone 7 Brian Carucci carubria@shenschools.org
Zone 8 Rebecca Maeder-Chien rmaederchien@skcs.org
Zone 9 Lynda Keech zone9@nyssma.org
Zone 9 Harvey Boyer hboyer@onteora.K12.ny.us
Zone 10 Ryan Wade ryanwade@hpcsd.org
Zone 11 Nancy Torrente zone11@nyssma.org
Zone 12 Robert Rams rrams@schools.nyc.gov
Zone 13 Joe Owens governmentrelations@nassaumusic.org
Zone 14 Michael Caravello mcaravel@portjeffschools.org
Zone 15 Chris van Leeuwen zone15@nyssma.org
  Lori Orestano-James NYSSMA Advocacy Chair
  Michael Mastrangelo NYSSMA Advocacy Co-Chair
  Russ Faunce NYSSMA President Elect
  Michael Brownell NYSSMA Advisor
  Marc Greene NAfME Officer



Music Education Requirements

NYS Arts Education Requirements

The Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Part 100 specify that public school students are to receive instruction in the arts including Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Theater in grades PreK-K (CR 100.3(a)), grades one through six (CR 100.3(b)), and one-half unit of credit in both Visual Arts and Music over grades seven and eight (CR 100.4). Additionally, students in grades nine through twelve must have the opportunity to complete a unit of credit in the Arts; which may include Visual Arts, Music, Dance, or Theater to satisfy Regents diploma requirements (CR 100.5(a)3(v)). Students should also have the opportunity to begin a sequence in the Arts in grade nine, and to access advanced coursework needed to complete a sequence in the Arts (100.2(h)).

Arts Summary – Part 100 Regs-Arts summary

Full Document – http://www.p12.nysed.gov/part100/

NYSED Music in the High Schools

NYSED Music Education Flowchart

The U.S. Department of Education Requirements

The US Department of Education approved New York’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which demands that all students be provided with a well-rounded education, including the Arts, providing equitable access to an enriched curriculum and educational experience for every student.

Document – https://www.ed.gov/essa?src=rn


Reopening Guidance 2021-2022 


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