Zone 2 Area All-State Selection

Zone 2 Area All-State Application Deadline for BOTH Jr. High and Sr. High  June 30th.  If this is the case, a date will be determined by the host school.

NYSSMA Solo Festival sheets are the main criteria used in the selection process. County solo sheets may NOT be submitted as determined by the County Presidents and the Zone Representative September 2015.

Any applications received with a county sheet will be placed at the bottom of the pile along with those applications without solo sheets  These applications will only be considered only after all other have been considered.

With the exception of Jr. High Area All-State Chorus, all other applications for all other Area All-State groups are ranked according to the NYSSMA solo scores, based upon the “Integration Table For Solo Sheets” (see attached ).  JHAAS vocal has it’s own integration table. In  addition only vocal solos of Level I-V will be considered for JH AAS, NO LEVEL VI vocal solos will be considered. (see attachments )

The following criteria may be used to determine tie breakers:

  • Student’s grade level
  • Director’s recommendation and ranking
  • Previous Area All-State experience
  • The Cooperation / Attitude / Responsibility rating
  • Solo sheet categories may be weighted
  • School district representation
  • County Sheets/Teacher recommendation


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