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***Beginning in November of 2012, Zone 1 Senior High Area All-State will have two new performing ensembles: Women’s Chorus and String Orchestra. This is to support a strong influx of outstanding senior high school strings and female vocalists. There will be no “second” group for strings or female vocalists, as performers in these areas will be placed equally between the ensembles. In keeping with practices that are used for Conference All-State, every effort will be made to alternate students between the groups in consecutive years. For example: if a student is selected for Symphony Orchestra as a junior, he/she will be placed in the String Orchestra as a senior.

Our current performing groups (Band, Mixed Chorus, Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Band) will remain the same.

***The dates and information for our 2019  Zone 1 Solo/Ensemble Festivals and Major Organization Festivals may be found by clicking their links on the Zone 1 home page. Major Organization Festival registration must be completed ONLINE by March 1 (early registration recommended). All Solo Festival entries must be scheduled six weeks prior to the festival, and Solo Festival registration will take place on

***Please remember our policies regarding Solo Festival payment and All-State registration: Solo Festival entries must be paid prior to the festival in order for the entries to receive their scores and evaluation sheets. Also, all cancellations must be paid after the six week deadline has passed. All-State scores and sheets cannot be released until a completed All-State Application (generated online from the NYSSMA web page), printed out and signed by teacher and administrators, has been received by the Festival Chairperson. Also, when making a payment for NYSSMA solo festival fees, PLEASE send ONE CHECK payable to NYSSMA, and PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.

***For all festivals, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE NEW MANUAL (EDITION XXXII) IS IN EFFECT for all NYSSMA festivals from July 2018-July 2021. There are several changes to the new manual, so please read it carefully to be certain that your students will be performing “eligible” music. NYSSMA will interpret the manual as literally as possible to avoid negative impact for students. Also, there are new rules/regulations in effect. Please consult your new manuals THOROUGHLY and CAREFULLY!! Manual Edition XXXI is NO LONGER CURRENT after July 1, 2018. PLEASE make sure you get the new manual (XXXII) for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. Here is a link to order it:


Here is the information concerning the new Jazz Improvisiation requirements:



Registration for Major Organizations will be posted on the NYSSMA web page .

Please be as accurate as possible with all of the information. Remember, even though you may have sent an email to the chairperson saying you want to attend their festival, is DOES NOT COUNT in their totals until you have registered ON LINE. Some fill up fast, so register early for your best chance of getting the time you want.


QUICK START guide to the new manual.NYSSMA Manual Quick Start Guide




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