Minutes Dec. 2014

Minutes for the Sixth Annual Meeting of the

NYSSMA Research Committee

Saturday, December 6, 2014

11:45 PM

Rochester Radisson Board Room- Rochester, NY

Committee Members in Attendance: Janice Smith, Mark Campbell, Christian Bernhard, David Gaines , ex officio


Others in Attendance: Cara Bernard, Beth Etopio, Mike Schmitt, Jill Reese, Dara Coppolone

A light lunch was provided by NYSSMA

The meeting was called to order 12:00

David Gaines

  • Thanked Campbell and Bernhard for responding to the offer of Action Research grants for 2014 – 2015
  • Spoke about his visit to the NYSSMA archives at the Eastman Library and the need to catalogue them. Maybe start with SMN and catalogue the articles? We have them going back to the very first issue. Any historical researchers out there?
  • President-elect Michael Brownell is also supportive of the research committee

Old Business


13 posters were accepted. Same number as last year. We have the capacity for about 24 posters at each conference in the present setting.

The call for next years Research Gallery will be send out electronically April 1 with a suggested deadline of June 15. Smith will continue to accept posters on a space available basis after the deadline.


Eight research sessions were accepted this year with one of those being co-sponsored by the choral committee.

NYSSMA action research grants

Six were funded for the 2014 – 2015 school year and will be presented at the 2015 winter conference.

  1. Brian Franco with Mark Campbell: Effects of Project-based Learning in Music: Revitalizing and Personalizing the Music Curriculum.
  1. Katheryn Hess and Matthew Wurtzel with Mark Campbell: Self-Initiated First-Year Teacher Study Group: A Report of Topics and Impact on Professional Development and Student Learning.
  1. Matthew Clauhs with Radio Cremata and Baruch Whitehead: Co-creating a Culturally Responsive Music Program with Students, Teachers and Music Education Researchers.
  1. Tony Godoy and Matthew Clauhs with Chad West: The Effects of Clip-on Instrument Tuners on Intonation Scores.
  1. Donna D’Angelo, John Gabriele, and Josh Massicot with Keith Koster Perceptions of Expected Keyboard Skills in the 21st century classroom among pre-service music education majors (undergraduate and graduate non- certified students), current music educators (choral, general, instrumental, other), and music curriculum supervisors or department chairs throughout the state of New York
  1. Kathleen Sullivan with Keith Koster, Music Enrichment (Pull-out) lessons and Test Scores.

The call goes out in the March School Music News; Deadline: June 30, chosen by August 1. Present at the 2016 conference. Typical amount is $500.

New Business

Articles for School Music News  


                        Are literature reviews acceptable?   Yes.

                        Length: 1700 words w/o references


                                    April     due Feb. 15th  Jill Reese

                                    May June   due March 15th Sobol

                                    September   due July 15th  Cara Bernard

                                    October       due August 15th Mark Campbell

                                    November   due Sept. 15th Christian Bernhard

                                    Smith does December (Conference Sessions due Oct. 15) and January (research abstracts, due Nov. 15)


            Other new business: Smith


  • Smith acknowledged and error in providing information to one presenter; he will be invited to present next year.
  • Smith noted that the Research posters and presenters were listed in the program but that the research gallery itself was not.
  • Smith explained the turnover in leadership every two years and some issues that surround that method of running a major conference. This time is was a timeliness of receiving information and the lack of pre-conference publicity regarding the research sessions. Even the School Music News came out so late that information in the research column was not available to members before the conference.
  • Next year will be her last year as research chair. Most of her goals have been accomplished. The committee needs to consider future directions.

            Other new business: Campbell

  • Suggested we put something in the call about finding researchers to assist if teachers have an idea, but no researcher – mentor
  • Asked how the teacher researcher roundtables were structured in the past.

                        Very informally. Smith, Runfola and Etopio were present. Teachers described their interests and sought advise. It was pretty much an open discussion about research.


            Other new business: Reese

  • Suggested the use of response cards at sessions as a way of initiating contacts with teachers interested in research. Smith will do for next year.
  • Asked if there was a handbook for the research chair. Yes, Smith has created one
  • Also suggested a similar response card type section on the website to facilitate connecting researchers with teachers who want to do action research.

            Meeting adjourned at 12:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dara Coppolone,

Queens College