Minutes Dec. 2013


6th Annual NYSSMA Research Committee Meeting

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Rochester Radisson



Members Present: Janice Smith, committee chair; Mark Robin Campbell, Potsdam;  Michael Albertson, Teachers College; Maria Runfola, SUNY Buffalo.

Other NYSSMA Member: David Gaines, NYSSMA President; Richard Sang, CUNY Queens College; Christian Bernhard, Fredonia; Judy Lewis,Teachers College 

Chair Janice Smith brought the meeting to order at 11:59am.

13 research posters this year, down from 17 last year. We have capacity for 24.

Old Business: Smith does not recommend idea for online NYS Research Journal due to feedback from professional research committee

Poster session calls will go out April 1st, suggested deadline of June 15th, but will be taken by September 15th at the latest.

Call goes out through Asmus list serve, but Smith considers advertising calls for Massachusetts and/or Connecticut. Bernhard also suggests Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Mini-Grants: We can have $2,000.00 for mini-research grants, compliments to President-Elect David Gaines. Gaines informs committee of his respect for research and the research committee, and funding these grants was a priority for him.  Results should be seen by the 2014 conference, with a tag of “Partially Funded by NYSSMA” so people are aware of NYSSMA’s support of quality research.  

Runfola has possible project with teacher from Albany on instrumental music and what age is best for students.  Campbell has three projects in the works.  Bernhard may have something, too.

Smith and Gaines submit idea for preliminary lit. review for grant application, Runfola seconds. Campbell suggests 2,000 word limit. Smith agrees, but suggests no more than 500. Campbell and Bernhard seconds.

Call goes out on March 15th, 2014 for 2015.

Smith has not done sidebars for research article, due to difficulty finding people writing articles. 

New Business

Other than articles for School Music News, no new business. 

Jan does December and January.  Need pieces for

April (Feb 15th deadline); Marie-Louise Bowe

May (March 15th); Maria Runfola

September (July 15th); Judy Lewis

October (August 15th); Mark Robin Campbell

November (September 15th); Adam Foley

Bernhard will ask colleagues.

Runfola suggests lit. reviews for sidebars in monthly research articles.

Campbell suggests SMTE/Research Committee sponsor a forum  based on the forthcoming book edited by Kaschub and Smith since many of the authors are nearby. 

Meeting concludes at 12:43 p.m.

Minutes submitted to Chair by Michael Albertson