Minutes Dec. 2011

Sat.  December  3, 2011

NYSSMA Research Committee Meeting   

The meeting came to order at 12:05

Members Attending:   

Janice  Smith, (Queens College) Chair; Donna Fox (Eastman), Mark Campbell (Crane  School); Maria Runfola, (SUNY Bufflao).   

Unable to attend: Melissa Abramo; Michael Albertson; Randall  Allsup   

Others attending:   David Gaines, Richard Sang   


Welcome to Randall Allsup who will represent Teacher College  on this committee.   

Smith purchased a light lunch for all and will find a way to  pay for it.  NYSSMA does not pay  for committee luncheons but does reimburse travel.    

The Research Gallery continues to grow and to be well  attended.  It was noted that poster  presenters should be reminded that they must be members of NYSSMA and to  register for the conference on the day that they present.  There were 16 accepted posters this year.  One was too late to be included in the program and one was unable to attend.  We have the capacity for about 24  posters at each conference in the present setting. Smith is pleased that  participation continues to grow, albeit somewhat slowly.    

The call for next years Research Gallery will be send out  electronically April 1 with a suggested deadline of June 15.  Smith will continue to accept posters on  a space available basis after the deadline.    

Four research sessions were presented this year.  Mark Campbell and Maria  Runfola continue to be  much appreciated regular contributors.  We need to work on expanding that list of presenters.   

Old Business   

Sessions  on data collection and assessment  – this was suggested as a session  last year and we did not follow through.  What people seem to be asking for is a  session on how to determine that their assessments are valid and reliable.  We definitely need to pursue this next  year.    

Surveys  distributed by NYSSMA – several of these were posted this year, but obtaining  participation seems to be difficult. We need a way to email the membership and  solicit their participation. NYSSMA does not currently have this capability  although NAfME does. NYSSMA is working on it.  Hopefully by next year we will have this availability.    

Mini  grants that went no where – Smith submitted a proposal to the NYSSMA executive council  but received no reply. She can attend the June meeting this year and will try  again. We were looking for $2000 to provide 4 grants of $500 each to pairs of  teachers and researchers to do action research projects, then present at the  following years’ research gallery. They would also be expected to write things  up for a School Music News issue, and present at a research round table.  This would move several committee goals  forward:  1) more teacher  involvement; 2) more posters;  3) a steady stream of articles for the SMN  focused on research.    

It  was suggested last year that the research gallery presenters be approached  about writing for the School Music News. Smith approached several this year,  but some had already been accepted elsewhere, some were hopeful of publication  in national journals and two said they would be willing to contribute  something: one for this year (Azzara, et al) and one for the following year  (Kaiser).    

New Business   

We  need to solicit more research sessions. We need a broader base of  presenters.  There is a need for  presentations that review valid and reliable data collection.  Smith will contact some possible  presenters.  Feel free to  volunteer.   

Articles  for School Music News                                            

  • April due Feb. 15  Fox will provide       
  • May  June due March 15th Natale-Abramo will provide       
  • September due July 15th Campbell will provide      
  • October due August 15th Etopio will provide     
  • November due Sept. 15th Azzara  et al, will provide     
  • Smith does December (Conference Sessions due Oct. 15) and
  • January (research abstracts due Nov. 15)   

Smith has agreed to continue as research chair for the new administration so 1/1/12 –  1/1/14.