Minutes Dec. 2008

Minutes for the Inaugural Meeting of the NYSSMA Research Committee

Saturday, December 6, 2008
11:45 AM
Rochester Convention Center, Cascade Rooms EF- Rochester, NY

Committee Members in Attendance: Janice Smith, Donna Fox, Maria Runfola, Michael Albertson

Others in Attendance: Christian Bernhard, Jane Palmquist, Caron Collins, Cindy Bell, Lisa Gruenhagen

The meeting was called to order at 11:47 AM by committee chair, Dr. Janice Smith.

Michael Albertson, Flushing High School, agreed to take the minutes

Formal Introduction of Committee Members

  • Travel reimbursements were discussed and explained for committee members.
  • Agenda of meeting was presented by Janice Smith
  • It was noted that the Research Gallery abstracts were the centerfold for the December issue of the School Music News. Thank you, Tom Gellert!

Broad Goals of the Committee

  • NYSSMA now has an official research committee, voted on and approved by the current NYSSMA Executive Council.
  • Officially appointed members of the committee for 2008 – 2010 are:
    • Janice Smith, Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College -CUNY chair
    • Mark Campbell, Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam
    • Donna Fox, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
    • Maria Runfola,  Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo, SUNY
    • Michael Albertson, Flushing High School

Dr. Smith is seeking to add two more teacher members and one more music education researcher from an unrepresented higher education institution – preferably someone whose expertise is instrumental music  – to the NYSSMA Research Committee.  (Christian Bernhard volunteered  and has been appointed as the other researcher. He is from SUNY Fredonia)

  • Donna Fox proposed that the main goals of the committee should be to
    • increase visibility of research being conducted in New York State and
    • advise and advocate for a broader participation in NYSSMA conferences and publications
  • Other goals for the research committee included in the research committee proposal accepted by the NYSSMA Executive Council were:
    • Review submissions for the research gallery
    • Revitalize the research gallery and increase submissions
    • Advise the chair on research sessions for the conferences
    • Meet yearly at the NYSSMA Winter conference to discuss issues of  mutual  interest
    • Increase the interest and participation of practicing teachers in interacting with  research  and in conducting their own research
    • Encourage teachers to respond to and discuss the research that is presented
    • Develop a means for providing some support for researcher/ teacher partnerships in doing joint research projects.

Articles for School Music News (SMN)

Janice Smith called for volunteers to write approximately 1,200 word articles for upcoming issues of SMN (summaries of prior research).  The following assignments were arranged and are submitted to J. Smith by the dates stated:

  • March 2009: Jane Palmquist: to be submitted by January 10 (1/15/09 deadline)
  • April 2009: Christian Bernhard: to be submitted to by February 10 (2/15/09 deadline)
  • May 2009: Donna Fox will make arrangements for submission by doctoral student:to be submitted to J. Smith by March 10 (3/15/09 deadline)
  • September 2009: Kristen Burgos: to be submitted by July 10 (7/15/09 deadline)
  • October 2009: Lisa Gruenhagen: to be submitted by August 10 (8/15/09 deadline)

Soliciting Research Presentations for 2009

  • The call for proposals was printed in November 2009 issue of SMN.
  • The committee agreed with Janice Smith’s goal for next year’s conference; Saturday will be “research day” with three sessions in addition to an expanded poster session.
  • Donna Fox suggested different approaches to research for 2009 presentations.
  • Maria  Runfola expanded on this idea by proposing an “information gathering session” that could provide researchers with participants for their proposals (a forum to collect data at the state-wide level).
  • Janice Smith stated that committee should organize a “Graduate Student Research Roundtable” session.
    • Donna Fox stated that she would like to see a separate research gallery for graduate students composed of categorical posters with implications (could also include six-seven minute presentations).
    • (Christian Bernhard also reinforced this idea later in the meeting).
  • Michael Albertson proposed a future session for young researches that would inform students and practicing teachers about the necessary steps needed to conduct and submit research for NYSSMA sessions (and publications).

Grants for Action Research

  • Janice Smith proposed $300 grants to encourage pairs of practicing teachers to engage in action research.
  • Jane Palmquist suggested that the committee might seek grant support outside of NYSSMA.
  • Donna Fox stated that the committee should take some time to “prove ourselves” and build on current momentum before seeking additional funds from NYSSMA.

Other Issues or Concerns

  • Janice Smith asked the committee if the process of reviewing research submissions should be changed.  Donna Fox suggested that the committee should keep the same review process in place so the committee can evaluate its effectiveness (and then make future alterations).
    • Janice Smith expressed her concern that graduate students may not be submitting research for NYSSMA conferences because they would rather save their work for display at regional or national conferences.  Dr. Smith also confirmed that the current position of Society for Research in Music Education is that research accepted for one conference may not be exhibited at other conferences.
    • Donna Fox suggested that “if [there is a] substantially different population” of participants attending state, regional, and national conferences, it might be possible for submission of research to more than one.
    • Perhaps research presented at regional and national conferences could be presented at NYSSMA afterward.
  • Janice Smith stated that the committee will accept “research in progress” in future calls for research.
  • Michael Albertson suggested that NYSSMA could sponsor professional developments in     research for practicing teachers.
    • Donna Fox mentioned creating a group/directory of presenters that would be involved in professional development
    • Maria Runfola proposed posting this directory on the NYSSMA research website.

This item was put on hold until for a future meeting.

  • Caron Collins suggested inviting a guest as a featured music education researcher to present at the next NYSSMA conference which could also include a roundtable discussion immediately   following his/her presentation (Ohio model at OMEA).
    • We have no budget to pay such a person at this time.
    • All NYSSMA presenters present for free or are sponsored by a company or other entity.

Formal Gathering Next Year

There will be a luncheon meeting on Saturday at the 2009 NYSSMA Winter conference

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Albertson.