2011 Winter Conference Special Learner Sessions

Announcement of

76th Annual NYSSMA Winter Conference, December 1-4, 2011

Professional Development for Teaching Special Learners

Elise S. Sobol, Chairperson

Thurs. December 1, 2011           4:30 P.M.            CC Cascade ABC

Inclusion Kids Love Literacy Through Music, Part II.
Debbie Deghenhart, Clinician

Session Description: Come participate in fun original activities which focus on literacy concepts taught in the classroom while reinforcing musical concepts! Games based on language acquisition and phonemic awareness prove to serve as learning strategies which are also extremely entertaining.

Fri. December 2, 2011   1:00 P.M.            CC Cascade ABC

Tunes for Teens: Age-Appropriate Activities for HS Learners
Laura Stiegelmaier, Clinician

Session Description: Clinician created successful high school classroom music program for special learners. Sharing enthusiasm, session topics will include selection of age-appropriate materials, attendance/participation at school concerts, discussion of unique situations requiring modification, assistive technology, and/or classroom aides and integration of regular education students into the self-contained classroom for collaborative activities.

Sat. December 3, 2011   8:30 A.M.         CC Cascade ABC

Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs:A Label Free Approach
Alice Hammel,D.M.A., Clinician

Session Description: Music Educators sometimes struggle to apply strategies for students with special needs according to IDEA labels. A label free approach brings a practical teacher and student-center paradigm to the classroom. This active session addresses five domains of learning that can be adapted for use with K-12 students in classrooms and ensembles.

Sat. December 3, 2011   1:00 P.M.           CC Highland CD

Music Students with Physical Disabilities: Full Participation
Elena Cucharo, Clinician

Session Description: This unique resourceful workshop gives district music directors and teachers information about performance inclusion for students with physical disabilities. Whether student is moderately or profoundly impaired, this workshop features creative ideas for raising participation levels (all grades). Presentation covers range of physical disabilities, important guidelines, and curriculum design.  Handouts provided.

Sat. December 4, 2011     2:30 P.M.           CC Cascade DEF

Speaking Their Language: Teaching the Child with Autism
Heather Wheeler, Hannah Gruber, Victoria Jacobs, Panelists

Session Description: Learn about the autism spectrum, gain insights into potential learning styles and explore teaching applications in your music lessons. Panelists will present viewpoints of researcher, teacher, therapist and parent. Presentation followed by a question and answer session with audience participation.