Music Teacher

Music Teacher

Nassau BOCES
2850 North Jerusalem Road in Wantagh, NY 11793
Posted On:
August 9, 2018


To be eligible for the position, candidates are required to have a NYS Music certification. An additional certification in Special Education (7-12) is preferred but is not required. Special education-related experience is highly desired. Additionally, we seek candidates who can play and provide instruction on a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals and other instruments as needed. Like our overall program, our Music curriculum services two distinct populations. Students with psychiatric and emotional needs receive instruction on conventional rock and roll instruments. Thus we seek someone whose musical experience is broad and aligns with our curriculum. Assorted groups perform for our school and especially capable students perform at various functions and schools within the entire Nassau BOCES system. Students with developmental needs also perform for our school. The curriculum for students in our developmental (or Life Skills Program) is geared towards music appreciation though some evidence aptitude in percussion and vocals.


We seek a flexible teacher who willingly shares his or her talents yet who knows how to function as part of a focused, well-established team. Candidates must be dedicated to supporting all students wherever they are on the learning and musicality continuum. At the same time, candidates should show great initiative and evidence superior organizational skills. Most importantly, candidates must also exhibit exceptional maturity and professionalism. We seek professionals who are encouraging, for example, yet who set healthy boundaries for students who struggle in this area.

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for a full-time Music position within our high school, please e-mail our principal, Mr. Korolczuk, at or by phone at (516) 396-2910

Please send a brief e-mail indicating your continued interest. Importantly, please write a 1-paragraph statement explaining why you'd be a great fit for a school like ours, a two-program school described here and further below:
1. Psychiatric and emotional disabilities
2. Intellectual disabilities many of which have an autism diagnosis and classification

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