Lesson Bytes

This is a section of the NYSSMA web site intended to provide music educators with assistance in developing lessons that are directly connected to the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts. The information found in this site are Instructional Ideas – encapsulated concepts that are briefly formed into a lesson structure that can be expanded by the individual teacher. They have been submitted as actual lessons that have been used by practicing music educators and represent best practices for instructional strategies in the music classroom. Although the format follows that of the New York State Education Department’s publication Music: A Resource Guide for Standards-Based Education (2002), the Instructional Ideas in Lesson Bytes are not all the same. Many have been developed since the publication of that document, and are intended to further expand the teacher’s repertoire.

Lessons can be accessed in several ways: by classroom application (band, chorus, orchestra, general music); grade level; standard; performance indicator; or by word search. Simply click on the appropriate link to follow the strand, until you find the Instructional Idea that meets your needs.

One link allows you to ‘Share a Lesson Byte’. The Curriculum Committee encourages you to send us your own ‘tried and true’ Instructional Idea(s). Your contribution will allow Lesson Bytes to become increasingly more helpful to music educators.