• NYS P12 Learning Standards For the Arts

SED page w/Standards Implementation Resources





Overview of 2017 NYS Standards


Descriptors for Performance Achievement Levels

      (The definition of each high school achievement level referred to in the Standards)


Template for creating Standards-Based Lesson

      (A simple fill-in-the blank form for lesson planning)


Process components & Enduring Understandings

     (A working chart that demonstrates relationships, organized by Artistic Process)


Instructional Ideas for Process Components

     (A crosswalk between Process Components & practical lesson examples)


NAfME Standards in Action Video All-National Honor Ensembles, 2018

     (A ‘live’ demo of ensemble application of each Artistic Standard)



     (Tips to help the music teacher employ standards-based instruction)




• National Core Arts Standards (NCAS)

Video Introduction to the NCAS (NAfME)

     (Video roll-out of NCAS, 2014)



     (Crosswalk between National Standards of 1994, NCAS of 2014, and NYS Standards of 1996)


Navigating the NCAS

     (Explanation of design and jargon used in the NCAS)


Customize Your own Handbook

     (Personalized lesson planner)


National Core Arts Standards Overview