Mission Statement

NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA serves as a collegiate division of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) which is a state affiliate of the National Association for Music Education. NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA promotes and endorses professional development for pre-service music educators, seeks to increase its membership and support, and advocates for music education in public schools.

ARTICLE I: Name and Affiliation

Section 1

The name of this organization shall be National Association for Music Education- Collegiate/New York State School Music Association, or NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA.

Section 2

NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA shall have an affiliated relationship with the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), all colligate NAfME-Collegiate chapters in New York State, and with our national organization NAfME: The National Association for Music Education.


It shall be the purpose of this organization to:

  • Make available to members opportunities for professional development;
  • Acquaint students with privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession;
  • Provide all members with the opportunity to become acquainted with leaders in the music education profession through participation in programs, demonstrations, discussions, workshops, and performances planned by this chapter, the state music educator’s association, and the National Association for Music Education;
  • Communicate with the professional NAfME and NYSSMA boards; and
  • Communicate with other NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA members through monthly e-mails to promote collaboration, chapter development and community development.

ARTICLE III: Membership

Section 1

College chapters shall be defined as colleges or universities that have fulfilled the requirements and processes for application and acceptance as an official NAfME-Collegiate chapter as per NAfME guidelines.

Section 2

Collegiate chapter advisors must be active NAfME members.

Section 3

Local chapters are responsible for electing officers to manage their college’s NAfME-Collegiate chapter organization.

Section 4

New York State NAfME-Collegiate Regions and Chapters are defined as*:

Province 1 (Western NY)

  • SUNY-Buffalo 
  • SUNY-Fredonia
  • Buffalo State

Province 2 (Rochester Area)

  • Eastman School of Music (U of Rochester)
  • Roberts Wesleyan College
  • Nazareth College
  • Houghton College

Province 3 (Central and Northern NY)

  • SUNY-Potsdam (Crane School of Music)
  • Syracuse University
  • Ithaca College

Province 4/5 (Capital Area and Mid-Hudson Valley)

  • College of St. Rose
  • Hartwick College
  • Nyack College
  • Manhattanville College

Province 6 (NY City)

  • Teachers College/Columbia University
  • Brooklyn College
  • New York University
  • Hunter College
  • Lehman College
  • Queens College
  • Wagner College

Province 7 (Long Island)

  • Adelphi University
  • Five Towns College
  • Hofstra University
  • LIU/CWPost
  • Nassau Community College

*This list is not meant to exclude any colleges or universities from choosing to create a NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA chapter. Information will be updated as it becomes available.

Section 5

Any undergraduate/graduate music student (not teaching full-time) is eligible for membership in NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA by registering through their collegiate chapter.

Section 6

Prospective members can join at any time during their studies as undergraduate/graduate (not teaching full-time) students.

Section 7

Members will pay national and local chapter dues (as appropriate) annually to maintain their membership.

Section 8

Members will receive the music education publications Music Educators Journal and School Music News, NAfME emails, information regarding upcoming music education events, and discounted registration fees to State, Division and National conferences with their membership.

Section 9

The annual membership meeting held at the NYSSMA Winter Conference is optional to all NAfME-Collegiate members, but highly encouraged. Students must be present to vote.

ARTICLE IV: Executive Board

Section 1

The Executive Board shall consist of elected NAfME-Collegiate members and a designated faculty advisor appointed by the President of NYSSMA.

Section 2

The officers of this chapter shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Web Editor, and seven Province Representatives.

Section 3

It is the duty of the President to preside at meetings, represent the organization, uphold the principles of the constitution, enforce parliamentary procedure, maintain constant communication with the state NAfME-Collegiate advisor and NYSSMA Executive Council, and act as a voting member of the NYSSMA Executive Council. The President must also further an agenda as developed during his/her term as President-Elect.

Section 4

It is the duty of the President-Elect to learn the duties of the President and create a smooth transition with linear, shared goals between terms. During his/her term of office, the President-Elect will be responsible for developing an agenda for his/her term in office. The President-Elect is to be actively involved with other Executive Board members and chapters, and assists in any projects determined by the Executive Board. At the NYSSMA Winter Conference, the President-Elect is responsible for overseeing scholarship assignments.

Section 5

It is the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to request the distribution of monies as necessary for various activities from the NYSSMA Executive Director and to take and report minutes at meetings at the NYSSMA Winter Conference.

Section 6

It is the duty of the Web Editor to maintain the NAfME-Collegiate website, update materials for the website in a timely manner, and edit web content as necessary. The Web Editor is to be actively involved with other Executive Board members and chapters, and assists in any projects determined by the Executive Board.

Section 7

It is the duty of the Province Representative to act as the liaison between local chapters and the Executive Board, to encourage chapter events, to facilitate communication between local chapters in each Province, and to represent local chapters at meetings of the Executive Board. It is the Province representative’s responsibility to communicate with chapters on a monthly basis, and report on chapter activities at the annual Executive Board meeting and General Membership meeting at the NYSSMA Winter Conference.

Section 8

It is the collective responsibility of the Executive Board to act as a liaison between the NYSSMA Executive Council and all New York State NAfME-Collegiate chapters.

Section 9

Any candidate for office shall have been a member of this chapter for at least one full semester prior to nomination and must be locally available to fulfill his/her duties until the completion of his/her term.

Section 10

In the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice-President of Membership shall assume the duties of President until a re-election is scheduled and completed.

Section 11

Communication among the Executive Board shall continue between regular meetings to implement plans as discussed in meetings.

Section 12

All NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA Executive Board members are required to attend meetings at the annual NYSSMA Winter Conference.


All Officers wishing to be excused from a mandatory event must give 24 hour advance notice to a member of the Executive Board for the request to be considered, and shall name a substitute to present his/her report at the Winter Conference if possible.

Section 14

The current CMENC-NYSSMA Executive Board Advisor shall have the power to excuse a member for an absence due to extenuating circumstances.

ARTICLE V: NAfME-Collegiate State Advisor

Section 1 

There shall be a NAfME-Collegiate State Advisor who is a member of NAfME.

Section 2

The responsibilities of the NAfME-Collegiate State Advisor shall be to:

  1. Act as a representative of NAfME to the students;
  2. Represent students in their association with NAfME at every level;
  3. Inform the students of the nature, purpose, and function of NAfME;
  4. Encourage interest and participation of students in NAfME activities;
  5. Act as a liaison with the various levels of NAfME;
  6. Serve as an advisor and guide in formulation of chapter programs and policies;
  7. Serve as a resource;
  8. Help officers in fulfilling their respective duties
  9. Promote professional attitudes among chapter members;
  10. Work for support of the chapter by members of the college faculty and explore with the department chairpersons the possible funding of chapter activities;
  11. Represent the interests of the chapter on campus and at NAfME functions; and
  12. Promote the concept of chapter importance in training music education students.

ARTICLE VI: Election of State Officers

  • Election of officers shall be held by online vote in April of each academic year
  • Any registered member of NAfME-Collegiate is qualified to vote in the election of officers.
  • A candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast by online ballot for that office to be elected.
  • Officers can be elected for more than one term.
  • Each officer shall assume his/her office in May and serve for one full year, with exception of the President-Elect, who must serve for two full years (the second as President)
  • It is the responsibility of officers completing their term(s) to ensure the newly-elected officer’s preparation before the completion of his/her term.
  • Nomination forms for the next NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA term will be distributed at the Winter Conference.

ARTICLE VII: NYSSMA Winter Conference

Section 1 

There will be an annual meeting for all NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA members to be held at the NYSSMA Winter Conference.

Section 2

At this meeting, Officers will present their goals for the year, promote networking among NAfME-Collegiate members, vote on any constitution amendments, and discuss chapter events and activities as collected by the Province Representatives.

Section 3

Scholarships to attend the conference will be provided to students based prior year’s membership and assigned by the NAfME-Collegiate/NYSSMA Advisor.

Section 4

Reimbursement forms will be presented at this meeting for travel costs associated with carpooling students to the NYSSMA Winter Conference.

ARTICLE VIII: Amendments

Section 1

Amendments to this constitution must be presented at the annual Executive Board meeting by either an Officer or online request from a NAfME-Collegiate member one month prior to the Winter Conference. Voting on the proposed amendment(s) shall be completed at the annual NAfME-Collegiate member meeting. The proposed amendment changes will be distributed to the chapters in writing.

Section 2

Amendments may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the membership present.

Section 3

All amendments shall take effect in the semester following the semester in which the changes are made.

Section 4

It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to review this constitution annually and propose amendments as needed.

ARTICLE IX: Governance

This constitution, along with NAfME policies, shall serve as the governing documents for this organization.