Music Blogger- Rock and Roll and Guitar Instruction

Music Blogger- Rock and Roll and Guitar Instruction

Posted On:
February 13, 2017


I am looking for people interested in writing articles about rock and roll, guitar instruction and/or the charity and activism of a particular well known rock and roll band and the related bands. The site is an authority site on it's topic and receives about 15k visitors a month and growing so is a great opportunity for the right person/people. Ideally I am looking for longer term, ongoing partnership type relationships on this project as opposed to one-off writers. For the song lyrics and album descriptions, however, I am fine with just paying someone to make it happen if need be. See below for more options. More details: Content types and descriptions needed: a) Short 150-300 word album descriptions, I have about 10-20 of these I need. These should be quick, informational and factual. I want to pay less per word for the album descriptions, as these would be short, factual and require little creativity and time. I am thinking about $3 each on these. Sounds low, but adds up if you line them all up and knock 20 out in an hour or two, plus it will get you in the door for the other more awesome opportunities. b) Song lyric summaries/intro/outro posts. Basically taking a song's lyrics and writing a short, unique paragraph to introduce the song, briefly state what it is about, relevant facts, your personal insight as necessary etc. $5 per on these, but there are a ton so it would be ongoing work for several months. c) Longer explorative essays or overviews/descriptions on relevant political causes, charities and so on relevant to the artists. Also need longer descriptions and overviews of the music gear Tom uses, as well as his bandmates in his various projects. 500-1,000 words $20-50 d) Daily/weekly 400-600 word posts covering current events of the band and other relevant folks. These would need to be quick turn around time so as to stay relevant. Ongoing, pay is open for discussion. e) Guitar/Other instrument tutorials. These are pieces on how to play a particular song, style tips etc. I am not sure how to price this, so open for discussion. Few notes: All titles will be provided, along with due date, description etc. in an editorial calendar in Google Drive. I am ideally looking for ongoing contributors and people who will commit to writing a variety of the different types of content listed above. Please do let me know which of the content types best fit your interests, skills and knowledge area, however. Two types of pay structure: 1) Pay you straight up per piece. See prices above. 2) Profit share of site. This is something I would consider for ongoing contributors and would be more of a partnership structure. It would entail a 15% share of any affiliate or advertising revenue earned from content you write for the entire lifetime of the site instead of payment, or 5% of revenue and 50% fixed price (based on payment arrangement discussed above). The site is the main authority site on it's topic and currently receives about 15,000 visitors per month. If you take the second option and spend some time promoting your posts to increase traffic, you could literally make this a full time job and do well for yourself in just a bit of time. Is that a promise or guarantee? Nope. But it is a real possibility. In your response please let me know your thoughts as well as any questions on the above. I am ready to get started right away, let me know what it's going to take to get you started on this project!


Knowledge of rock and roll, entertaining writing style, able to meet deadlines

How to Apply

Send a response addressing the questions in the job description to: