K-12 Vocal Music Teacher

K-12 Vocal Music Teacher

Laurens Central School
Laurens Central School District
$40,000 starting salary for a first year teacher, others depend on years of prior service
Posted On:
July 10, 2018


Laurens Central School is looking to hire a full time, tenure track, K-12 vocal music teacher. The teacher will be responsible for K-6 music classes, elementary choir, and high school choir. Time will be built into the teacher\'s schedule for lessons and also for an elective music class that is of interest and designed by the teacher. There are opportunities for the teacher to provide extracurricular activities such as Jazz Choir and an Annual Cabaret. These activities are stipend paid in addition to the base salary.


NYS Music Teacher certification. Master\'s degree not required to start.

How to Apply

Send resume to the Laurens Central School District Office, PO Box 301, Laurens, NY 13796 OR use the https://www.pnwboces.org/olas/#!/default