Jr. High / Middle School General and Instrumental Music

Bakersfield City School District
Bakersfield, CA
Salary and work year to be according to current schedule: BCSD teacher salary schedule. $59,232 - $118,012 annually (182 day) All teacher salaries are contingent on verified years of experience and education
Posted On:
January 30, 2024


PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. In cooperation with principal and other staff members, plans instructional objectives for assigned grade level or subject area consistent with Course of Study and Curriculum Guide which meet District's and school's educational goals; these objectives are to be established by October 15 of each year 2. Creates classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to maturity and interest of students; participates with staff in establishing and maintaining effective learning climate within school; develops reasonable and specific rules of classroom behavior and procedure and maintains order in classroom in fair and just manner 3. Analyzes learning capacity of students and provides for their needs; plans balanced music program and organized class time so that preparation, rehearsal and instruction can be accomplished within allotted time 4. Guides learning process toward achievement of curriculum goals and establishes clear performance objectives as listed in Course of Study and Curriculum Guide for music for all lessons, units, projects and the like to communicate these objectives to students 5. Instructs pupils in citizenship specified in state law and administrative regulations and procedures of school district 6. Makes referrals to counselor or principal of pupils who demonstrate severe unsocial behavior patterns 7. Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior to provide an orderly, productive environment during practice, group rehearsals and musical performances 8. Keeps weekly records and evaluates each pupil's musical growth and performance, assessing each individual's contribution to performance of group; confers with colleagues, students and parents regarding pupil progress as needed; assigns citizenship and scholarship marks; uses services of school counselor 9. Maintains positive relationship with all staff and parents through "back to school" events, classroom visitations, conferences, written communication and work samples so that parents and staff are aware of student progress and adjustment 10. Is responsible to school site administrator and music supervisor for providing musical programs for school productions, parent-teacher groups, District honor concerts and civic functions and rating festivals 11. Plans, rehearses and directs pupils in musical programs for school and community; applies knowledge of District procedures and limitations set on performance 12. Provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt curriculum to needs of each pupil 13. Utilizes repertoire of all types of music literature, including traditional and contemporary, that are appropriate for ages and skill levels of pupils 14. Controls storage and use of school owned property; makes minor adjustments and requests repairs to instruments as required; has pianos tuned at least once a year 15. Selects and requisitions books, sheet music, musical instruments and instructional aids and supplies; maintains required inventory records 16. Identifies pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve health, attitude and learning problems; makes referrals as required 17. Maintains accurate, complete and correct records as required by law, District policy and administrative regulations including cumulative record folders, attendance reports, Reports to Parents and annual report 18. Assists in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations and Board policy 19. Carries out assigned pupil supervision outside classroom such as yard duty, assemblies, athletic events and extracurricular activities and fire and other emergency drills 20. Attends and participates in staff meetings, inservice meetings, curriculum development and materials evaluation 21. Maintains professional competence through inservice education provided by District and/or in self-selected growth activities related to music 22. Participates cooperatively with appropriate administrator to develop District music program in conformance with District guidelines


The following must be submitted:

1. Resume
2. Two letters of recommendation (dated within one (1) year of the posting)
3. Evidence of California credential authorizing service in assignment

Copies of required certificates, transcripts or diplomas may be submitted with application. District may require that originals be presented for verification prior to employment. Please check with Human Resources regarding acceptable documents. For positions requiring college course work official transcripts will be required upon employment.

How to Apply