Accompanist (Organ/Piano)

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Albany NY
Albany, New York
Posted On:
May 22, 2023


Accompanist (Organ/Piano) Westminster Presbyterian Church Albany, NY Send cover letter and resume to: Position Type: Part-Time 10 hours per week, and as needed for concerts, weddings, funerals, etc. Overview: WPC has a reputation for offering music of the highest quality during worship as well as hosting organ concerts on our world class organ, and other special musical events. We are a diverse urban church with a variety of ministries, one of which is the ministry of music. We believe that music is an essential part of our spirituality: we view music not just as a performance, but as an expression of our faith. We hold dear the tenet that music should reflect all who gather to worship, near and far, as we gather in-person and virtually. We believe it is important to encourage all members of the church to participate in the music ministry. We are seeking a musician whose vision complements our vision. For more information about us:


• Collaboration
• Compassion
• Embraces change
• Flexibility
• Demonstrates strong organ/piano skills
• Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent experience
• Embraces diversity in general and specifically in our musical offerings
• Possesses strong organizational skills
• Works effectively with a wide variety of people of all ages
• Assist in the sharing of our vision to diversify our music to represent all ages as well as building bridges between all our diverse members
• Works collegially with the Director of Music and other musicians
• Assist congregational singing as an essential part of worship
• Playing the musical portions of the service and accompanying the choir(s) and instrumentalists
• Explore new compositions to meet the special and changing needs of the services
• Remain up to date with current trends in music as well as understanding the beauty of classic sacred music
• Consulting with families for weddings and funerals if so desired by a wedding party
• Arranging for substitutes during times of absence
• Understand the importance of planning and task management
• Maintain your craft as a musician and church leader
• Scheduling routine maintenance for pianos, harpsicord, and organ [IV/52 E.M. Skinner Opus 780 (1929; reinstalled 2003 with new 10-rank Austin Antiphonal Division) scan to bottom of page for organ info]

How to Apply

send resume and cover letter to