Zone 1: 2018 Area All-State Information

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2018 Zone 1 Area All-State Festivals are as follows:

November 2-3, 2018: Akron Central High School
47 Bloomingdale Ave.
Akron, NY 14001
(716) 542-5030 ext. 5102
Mark Flynn, Chairperson

Please register on

November 16-17, 2018: SUNY at Fredonia
c/o Lewiston-Porter High School
4061 Creek Rd.
Youngstown, NY 14174
Kevin Duncan, Chairperson
(716) 754-8281 ext. 2422

Please register on

As noted, Zone 1 Area All-State registration will take place on When active in the summer of 2018, simply log on to your account on and select “express” or “standard” registration. To use express registration, you will need the SoloChair registration numbers from last spring’s festivals. These will be found on the sticker labels on your students’ evaluation sheets. When you reach the confirmation page of on-line registration, you will have one form which will list all of your students. This is the only form that you and your administrator(s) need to sign. Each student will need to complete an individual application, with his/her own signature ONLY. When registration is complete, you will need to mail your confirmation form, student applications, and (optional) copies of the student evaluation forms to the appropriate chairperson. Even though SoloChair has a record of last year’s scores, the evaluation sheets will need to be used for “tie-breaker” situations. PERCUSSION STUDENTS MUST HAVE A NYSSMA PERCUSSION SUPPLEMENT SHEET SUBMITTED WITH THEIR APPLICATION. A copy of the percussion supplement can be downloaded below. This percussion supplement sheet is pdf writeable, so it can be mailed or e-mailed to the appropriate Chairperson.

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