Assignor of Adjudicators

Daniel Mosher – Assignor of Adjudicators

34638 Schwendy Drive
Carthage, NY 13619
Voice (315) 493-1521

Welcome to the Assignor of Adjudicators page.

If you are a NYSSMA adjudicator or festival chairperson, this page will provide downloadable forms with instructions for your reference and use.

If you are not yet a NYSSMA Adjudicator and wish to become so, please visit the Director of Adjudicators page to find information about Adjudicator Orientation Seminars.

Note: if you did not return a form last year, you may be moved to the Inactive list and will not automatically receive an Availability Form. When you wish to become active again, you must download a blank form here, complete it, and submit it. As soon as your completed form, showing your availability, is received, you will be reactivated. To avoid being moved to the inactive list, simply return a form each year, even if you are not available to judge.

Dan Mosher
NYSSMA Assignor of Adjudicators

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